PUBG Mobile VS Battleground Mobile India : See What’s Difference Between PUBG & BGMI

PUBG Mobile VS Battleground Mobile India : Battlegrounds Mobile India is available to beta testers. This game has been made available for limited users only. Krafton has said that it will be available for other users soon. We also got access to the beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Because of this, we were able to play the game. Let us know how different or similar is Battlegrounds Mobile India from PUBG Mobile.

Image Credit : Battlegrounds Mobile India

The biggest concern of the users was whether their previous data of PUBG Mobile would come in Battlegrounds Mobile India or not. Let us tell you about this, and an option is being given in Battlegrounds Mobile India right now. You can import the data of PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, the time has been given for this only till December of this year.

As soon as the data is transferred, you can play from the level you left PUBG Mobile. At first sight, you will not understand any difference between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile VS Battleground Mobile India

Very small changes have been made in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Before starting the game, you have to confirm that you are 18 years old or above. Only after this are you given entry in the game. Sometimes ping was being seen too much in the game. One reason for this could be that this game is currently for beta testing, so there is a problem.



Talking about graphics, you will not see as good graphics as PUBG Mobile, but you can work with it. For the time being, we can walk this as an average value. Not much change was seen even after raising the graphics to be high.


Talking about the rest of the settings, it is exactly like the old game. From the home screen to the entire gameplay, there is a feel of playing PUBG Mobile. However, a warning is given before the game starts. This is not a real-world-based game. You have to survive in the virtual game.

Due to the beta version of the game, you will see many bots in the game. However, we get to see very few real players in the game. The hit effects in the game are set to the default green color. The game felt laggy many times while playing the game.

I can’t complain much about this as the game is currently in beta testing only when the game is officially released for everyone. Then this problem can trouble the users. For those who are missing PUBG Mobile, this game will work as a great relief. Now it has to be seen when the game is released officially for everyone.

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