Nothing EAR 1 could launch in India on July 27 special specification and launch date revealed

Nothing Ear 1 is the first product of the company. It will be launched soon. However, before launching, information about its price and spaces has been revealed. It has also been known where it will be presented before. Let’s know the details.

Nothing Ear 1 will be presented at the end of this month. This month is quite important for OnePlus’s former CO-Founder Carl Pei. He had left oneplus last year to start his own company. Nothing Ear 1 is the first product of their new start-up, and it will be brought at the end of July this month.


Carl Pei has recently given an interview. He has shared special information about his company and special specifications of Nothing Ear 1 and its launching.

Nothing Ear 1 Price

The price of Nothing Ear 1 will be $ 99 (about Rs 7,300) in the US, € 99 (about Rs 8,700) in Europe and £ 99 (about 10,200) in the UK. This means that it will make a tough fight to the new Pixel Buds A series. Pei said that the company would launch its an affordable price because it will be sold online. Some time ago, the manufacturer had revealed that their sales in India would be from the e-commerce website Flipkart.

Nothing Ear 1 Specifications


Talking to TechCrunch, Carl Pei has revealed that making high-quality transparent products is very difficult because they have to consider several parameters.

Talking about Specifications, three high-definition microphones will be found in Nothing Ear 1. Along with all the features are given in AirPods Pro, an active noise cancellation feature will also be given.


They will be launched first in U.K, India, Europe and North America. After this, its entry will be another place, including Japan and Korea. The official announcement of Nothing Ear 1 will be done on July 27.

Talking about the company, Pei said that only the essential IP would appear in the product. They have no plans to do anything with the essentials. However, this does not mean that the company can not change its idea in the future.

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