Airtel Black Has Been Announced: Provides fixed plans, prices, and mobile, fiber, and DTH on one bill

✅ You will only have to pay one fixed rate for all your services
✅ Plans starting at Rs 998 and going up to Rs 2,099 are available under Airtel Black
✅ Mobile phone services, fiber-broadband Internet, and DTH TV services will all be available through Airtel Black.

Bharti Airtel has unveiled ‘Airtel Black,’ which is claimed to be India’s first all-in-one telecommunications solution for households. This program includes bundles of multiple Airtel services such as Fiber, DTH, and Mobile, so the cost of each service isn’t another payment you should worry about. Various preset plans and custom plans are available for the service, with fixed monthly plans ranging from Rs 998 per month (plus tax).


In addition, those who subscribe to the Airtel Black umbrella plans are also eligible for an Airtel Xstream Box without paying a fixed charge.

‘Airtel Black’ is designed to simplify the process of managing several bills by creating one unified bill, including fiber broadband connections and direct-to-home television connections. Airtel Black will allow users to combine 10′ parent’ postpaid mobile connections, two fiber connections, and two ‘primary’ DTH TV connections. The Airtel Black plan also allows you to add eight ‘child’ mobile connections under each ‘parent’ mobile connection. With DTH, a primary connection can have a maximum of three secondary connections.


From the perspective of the customer, Airtel says:

  • According to Airtel, customers who call Airtel Black will get connected to a care representative within 60 seconds, and problems will be addressed promptly.
  • Free visits to your home and free sourcing of the XStream Box for a deposit of Rs 1,500 that can be refunded after 12 months by returning the Box are also available

In order to access Airtel Black: Users can install the Airtel Thank app and choose from an Airtel Black plan or mix and match existing services to create their plan. You could also visit an Airtel Store, and a team member will assist you; otherwise, you could give a missed call to 8826655555, and a member of the executive team will get in touch with you.


Moreover, Airtel Black customers can also customize their plans according to their needs.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Airtel Black Fixed Plans.

Here are the fixed plans offered by Airtel Black

Fixed Plans

Rs 9982 mobile connections and 1 DTH
Rs 13983 mobile connections and 1 DTH
Rs 15982 mobile connections and 1 Fiber line
Rs 20993 mobile connections, 1 DTH, and 1 Fiber line


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